Bagram Reno, NSA

Construction: DBB, Horizontal Build, Concrete, Civil Works & Infrastructure, Vertical Construction, Repair/Renovation/FSRM, Waste Removal, New Construction Renovation & Repair of SCIF

Logistics & Procurement: Ordering Delivering of Supplies and Equipment, Cost Control

RELYANT provided renovation, deconstruction, and disposal services to an ‘Other Government Agency’ at Area 82 in Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan with the primary goal of upgrading four storage buildings and retrofitting the El Dorado enclosure. RELYANT provided construction services, including utilities work, to each of the warehouses, the vehicle storage facility, and building 82031. The project also involved upgrading building 82031 to create interior structures that met Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) requirements to ensure the building could serve as a SCIF area. The renovation involved enclosing the El Dorado pad, providing SCIF compliant structural renovations, and installing roll-up doors. The team procured and installed Tactical Vehicle Warehouse Roll-Up Doors to facilitate the use of the fourth warehouse, building 82005, as a secure vehicle storage facility. RELYANT also installed an upgraded step-down transformer and provided electrical services. All electrical work was performed by US certified and licensed electricians, and all work met US National Electric Codes (NEC).