Through the delivery of our construction services, RELYANT combines the established presence of a local firm with the strength, stability, and resources of a global company. Employing proven skills, systems, and technology, our company’s experts work hard to exceed expectations while elevating the standards of safety in the construction industry. Through innovative training and education programs, we provide our employees, partners and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to be safety minded, reduce risks, and improve loss control on each project. Regardless of the type of construction service provided, clients trust the quality and professionalism of RELYANT’s staff and our extensive resources.

Construction Services

Whether delivering both design and construction under one contract (Design-Build) or performing the construction of an established design (Design-Bid-Build) we are a competitive and high-quality contractor that works with U.S. Government, intergovernmental, and commercial clients on a diverse range of projects in locations across the globe. For our Design-Build projects, we have established relationships and maintain a large database of outstanding Architect, Engineering, and Design partners from which we hand select firms to serve as the Designer of Record. We specialize in integrating our Designer of Record for each project into the overall project delivery team to ensure a cohesive delivery of each project. For our Design-Bid-Build projects, we are experts in delivering each project to the client’s design specifications.

RELYANT provides full service Horizontal Construction services. Our horizontal services delivered to date include site survey, site clearance, site excavation, civil works, foundations, floodways, levees, embankments, roadways, runway aprons, installation of utilities, retaining walls, concrete slabs, underground infrastructure, irrigation, drainage, oil and gas systems, computer networks and residential and commercial facility development. We maintain the operational capacity to deliver these services at nearly any location imaginable, whether it be remote, austere, or highly populated. Regardless of weather extremes, we are committed to meeting our client’s objectives in their horizontal projects, regardless of size and complexity. We have performed horizontal projects ranging from to $60k to $60M. RELYANT performs stand-alone Horizontal Construction projects, as well as requirements that integrate into larger efforts providing complete turn-key solutions to any building requirement.

As a comprehensive provider of concrete, concrete related materials, and concrete based construction, RELYANT has completed hundreds of concrete related projects globally. We specialize in right-size batch plant installation, concrete footers, retaining walls t-walls, barriers, gravel, sand and aggregate, bulk concrete deliveries, delivery of all bulk materials and concrete meeting PSI requirements and wash rock. The projects we have completed are diverse and include construction of sidewalks, cargo pads, ramp construction, aprons, taxiways, response area pads, supply and connector road construction. Through our concrete services, we also specialize in emergency repair of containment areas, using only specific products that meet all regulations and requirements.

RELYANT has completed an extensive list of projects involving civil works and infrastructure capabilities in support of our clients across the globe. Examples of these projects include fuel system improvements; various pump installations and repairs; concrete, joint, and containments installations and repairs; and wet utilities systems installations; and repairs; site excavation and drainage; independent sewage and water services; power generation with switch gear; billeting and dining facilities; satellite Internet systems; and computer networks. RELYANT is unique in our ability to self-perform all aspects of Civil Works and Infrastructure projects resulting in both cost and schedule efficiencies.

RELYANT’s Vertical services include new construction, repair, renovation, and maintenance of nearly any type of building or facility. We have completed a wide variety of vertical construction projects for an extensive list of federal and other government agencies, intergovernmental organizations and commercial clients across 5 continents. These projects have included (but are certainly not limited to) warehouses, relocatable buildings, life support areas, administrative facilities, housing quarters, airplane hangars, and health and wellness facilities.

RELYANT streamlines both Design and Construction through our Fast-Track Project Execution Strategy. For design, we fast-track certain design discipline submittals by taking them to the next project phase while other discipline plans are still in the previous phase. For Construction, fast-track is achieved by initiating certain construction aspects simultaneous to the design process, before working drawings and specifications are complete. While construction work is on-going, the project team continues to provide design submittals. RELYANT understands the risk of potential re-work in the fast-track construction methods and mitigates this risk through our detailed knowledge of the fast-track process, effective planning, close coordination with all project team members. RELYANT does not execute fast-track design or build without client approval. The ability to fast track allows for shortened time for completion, flexibility in schedule and reductions in both construction and design cost.

RELYANT’s Light Steel Frame services are an innovative approach to deliver highly flexible building solutions, on-site manufacturing, cost savings, and rapidly deployable solutions. Our Light Steel Frame technology is a proven, reliable, and cost-effective solution that allows complete buildings of all types to be constructed rapidly from just one steel profile, maximizing efficiency, and reducing waste to less than 1%. RELYANT owns a FrameMaster F300i Roll Former and accompanying mobile factory which means that we can stand up operations and produce facilities on-site at any location regardless of available resources. This on-site capacity can be especially beneficial when working in remote and austere environments or when working in locations impacted by disaster or emergencies. RELYANT has used our FrameMaster F300i to construct residential housing, workforce accommodation, portable and modular buildings, and industrial/commercial construction.

RELYANT’s extensive background in performing repair, renovation, and FSRM services spans across numerous types of facilities and scope of work such as historical buildings, windows, and doors; building interiors; and other structures; as well as emergency repairs to fuel containment berms and other equipment and locations. Pulling from our database of engineers, project managers and skilled craftsmen we focus on completing all projects on time, within budget and up to code and regulations. Our Repair, Renovation, and FSRM services have resulted in facility energy efficiencies, increased capacity, and mitigation of environmental impact. Link to FSRM under Ops/Maintenance

Fully understanding site preparation and surveying is a critical part of any construction project. It’s the first thing that demonstrates how successful the project will be. RELYANT uses the best and most efficient scheduling, design, and survey software available for seamless site preparation and survey. From site clearing, surveying, soil testing, and planning our team knows how to get each and every construction project off and running, on schedule and on budget.

RELYANT’s rich history includes the new construction, renovation, and repair of airfields and hangars in both the CONUS and OCONUS operating environments. Some of our most notable airfield and hanger construction projects have been in austere environments to not only support U.S. and joint air bases but also to promote U.S. and international objectives through the buildup of strategic airfield and hangar capacity. We have the personnel, equipment, and knowledge to conduct all project requirements without interrupting critical daily operations of the air bases we serve.

RELYANT was founded by veterans who have extensive “in theatre” experience and a large majority of our workforce are former military personnel. With this experience comes a greater calling to always protect our military, country, and intelligence. A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) is a crucial part of protecting classified information and all who are responsible for its safe keeping. These facilities, whether mobile or permanent structures, require the utmost security, state-of-the-art technology, and above-board materials, hardware and software. Our expertise in the construction and renovation of SCIFs is unmatched in the industry, as is our unwavering responsibility to safeguard our intelligence. RELYANT holds all appropriate clearances to complete these specialized projects within regulation.

With an extensive resume of successful projects in repair and renovations of heavy horizontal construction; civil engineering; erosion control, storm drainage retention, detention basins and grading, RELYANT has extensive experience with the following:

  • Repairs of critical section loss
  • Reconstruction of levee crest
  • Levee re-grade
  • Installation of geotextile, bedding and riprap placement
  • Underwater fill placement
  • Sediment and debris removal from levee slopes, crest, and berms
  • Debris removal as well as remove and relocate existing emergency riprap.

Safety and security into any facility, in any location, and in any industry should be a priority for all companies who employ a workforce. Despite operating in some of the worlds’ most hostile environments, RELYANT has also worked within the most secure areas globally. This breadth of experience underscores our deep understanding of security’s paramount importance. The access control points into these facilities are sometimes the first line of defense and are imperative to keeping a safe and structured environment. RELYANT ensures all access control points we construct, both passive and active, meet all security measures, have all proper access controls, and have all requirements that are necessary.

With our focus on elevating the standards of safety in the construction industry, we can reduce the risks and destruction that is sometimes associated with demolition and deconstruction projects. With extensive training and education programs, we provide our employees and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need to be safety minded, and reduce risks. It is RELYANT’s goal to preserve and reuse as many fragments as we possibly can when on demolition projects, ultimately saving the customer time and money.

RELYANT has self-performed up to 100% of various beddown and whole base construction programs. Our streamlined approach ensures full schedule control and continuity of effort across all tasks and mitigates any risk of deficient subcontractor performance. RELYANT’s operations and constant vigilant security posture reviews provide excellent value to the government to ensure that all phases of the project do not impede security or daily operations. RELYANT is known for having zero recordables or near miss incidents while completing these projects.

RELYANT has delivered unrivaled MILCON services across 5 continents. RELYANT’s MILCON experts, management and field personnel are well versed in the use of the DoD systems, policies, and procedures. Through our value engineering and quality project solutions, we provided our DoD clients with complete, usable, and modern facilities. By focusing on energy efficiency, minimizing environmental footprints, and reaching higher values, we are oftentimes able to provide significantly lower life-cycle costs. RELYANT’s approach to construction projects is centered around our client’s complete satisfaction and overall goals.

Construction projects