Integrated Facilities Management

RELYANT Management Team and trusted partners provide commercial facilities and maintenance services which draw upon our successful history of providing comprehensive services to government and military facilities and commercial clients around the world. We are known for delivering superior work, cost-effective results, and complete customer satisfaction. RELYANT successfully and consistently achieves results through disciplined planning and scheduling, the application of computerized maintenance management systems and the unsurpassed technical expertise of our highly skilled workforce.

Services include

Integrated Facilities Management Services

RELYANT Management Team and trusted partners provide facility operations and maintenance services and are known for delivering superior work, cost-effective results, and complete customer satisfaction. We successfully and consistently achieve results through disciplined planning and scheduling, the application of computerized maintenance management systems and the unsurpassed technical expertise of our highly skilled workforce.

Services include:
– Facilities Maintenance, Repair, and Support Services
– Utilities Systems Operations and Maintenance
– Facilities Engineering
– Range Support Services
– Scientific Lab Analysis
– Scientific Lab Analysis
– Sanitary and Wastewater Systems
– Hospital and Medical Facilities Maintenance
– Uninterruptible Power Systems Maintenance
– Roads and Grounds Maintenance
– Refuge Collection & Recycling
– Inventory Control
– Fire and Security Alarm Systems
– Pest Control
– Calibration Services

RELYANT is a current holder of the GSA 03FAC Schedule, as well as Navy SeaPort Next Generation Contract (SeaPort NxG).


The restoration, maintenance and sustainability of POL storage and distribution systems heavily impacts missions and the daily lives of our military personnel. It is essential that these systems continue to operate with the utmost efficiency and meet all requirements and regulations. RELYANT has comprehensive experience in the repair, renovation, and maintenance of these important systems, even in emergent situations.

RELYANT Management Team has nearly 25 years of experience in providing military family housing maintenance, renovation, and privatization services. Our team has a proven record of customer satisfaction, providing quality products, superior work, and cost-effective results with our management team experienced in operating over 75 housing maintenance contracts throughout the United States. Services include:
-Maintenance and Repair
– Military Family Housing Maintenance
– Change of Occupancy Services
– Electrical Systems Installation and Maintenance
– Materials Control
– Building Renovation and Restoration
– Emergency Lights, Fire Detection/Prevention Systems, and Transformers Maintenance
– Water, Sewer Line and Distribution Systems Repair and Replacement
– Renovation and Restoration
– Privatization

RELYANT Management Team and trusted partners provide janitorial services to facilities throughout the United States. RELYANT partners with organizations that require the highest standard of cleaning services. Every work site is a unique environment and requires a tailored program to meet client needs.
Cleaning Services Provided include:
– Daily Janitorial Services
– Third Shift Cleaning
– Day Porter Services
– Green Cleaning
– Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning
– Recycling Programs
– Clean Room Cleaning
– Temporary Labor
– Chandelier Cleaning
– Pressure Washing
– Hospitality Labor Services – Hood Exhaust Cleaning
– Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Green Cleaning

Many of our competitors believe that a Green Cleaning Program consists solely of replacing conventional cleaning products with the “Green” label. At RELYANT we understand that any Green initiative is so much more than simply replacing one product for another.

Green initiatives naturally should incorporate environmentally safe products, but there is much more to having a Green Cleaning Program.

RELYANT encourages all its employees to always Think Green! & Clean Green! It is the position of RELYANT is that we not only cooperate with all Local, State and Federal government agencies environmental efforts we attempt to exceed them. Your cooperation is needed in conserving our natural resources so we may live and enjoy a better-quality life and leave a better planet to future generations. All suggestions about environmental issues are encouraged and are recognized.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

RELYANT made the commitment to providing green cleaning programs to its clients. RELYANT is a proud service partner of high-profile facilities that are LEED certified. RELYANT has systems in place that are a value component in these buildings achieving their US Green Building Council LEED certification

Think Green! Clean Green!

The chemicals, equipment, and cleaning procedures RELYANT utilizes are a significant value component for a truly Green Cleaning Program. Contract Services Group’s Think Green! Clean Green! Program is designed to create a healthier building environment for a building’s users. Through the use of Green Seal and Designed for Environment (DFE) chemicals, and approved cleaning equipment and tools, we are improving indoor air quality and also contributing to source reduction. Custodial job assignments, cleaning specifications and procedures are structured with health and safety of the building’s custodians and occupants as its primary goal.

The success of green cleaning is a continuous process improvement. It starts with the custodians buying into the process by providing them with cleaning materials designed for their safety. The cleaning schedules and procedures are the next step in achieving the green goal.

Scheduled training/education of the custodial staff is a mandatory requirement of Contract Services Group’s Think Green! Clean Green! Program.

The RELYANT Green Commitment
– Utilize only environmentally sound cleaning and maintenance programs
– Promote water and energy conservation in its choice of cleaning equipment and systems
– Reduce waste and consumption of non-renewable resources
– Promote and participate in recycling programs
– Continuously is an advocate for greener, healthier, and more sustainable cleaning.

When relying on sea & port services for your mission’s success it is imperative to have expert personnel and support for all your maritime needs. Our adept support includes bunkering services (IFO 380, IFO 180 and MGO). Our Ship Agency and Husbanding Services provides handling services to regular and infrequent callers to ports on ad-hoc basis, which includes super yachts, naval ships etc. which encompasses the following:

  • Port formalities and berthing arrangements
  • Arranging inward and outward clearance for ships
  • Undertaking crew change and immigration matters
  • Coordination and supervision of cargo loading/discharging
  • Launch services
  • Supply of provision and fresh water
  • Removal and disposal of waste
  • Supply of lubricants
  • Stevedoring and arrastre services
  • Ship Repair Services – capabilities range from emergent ship repairs requiring quick response time of manpower, equipment and spares to scheduled or non-scheduled voyage repairs requiring complex logistical requirements anywhere in the Philippines.


We also provide efficient delivery of the following repair services:

  • Surface preparation and preservation
  • Machining and fabrication
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Surveys for hull, machinery, and equipment
  • Supply of OEM service engineers
  • Other afloat repair related process

Our comprehensive experience in Airfield Operations shows our commitment to successful and secure operations at the airfields we serve around the world. Our knowledge in coordinating flight schedules with Airfield Operations, Security, Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Offices ensures that the most effective and efficient resources are deployed. We offer air terminal operations; military unit deployment processing; transient aircraft support; ground support and equipment maintenance; aircraft marshaling; choking; passenger handling and cargo loading/offloading operations; lavatory and potable water services, and processing of aircraft arrival and departure formalities including Customs, Immigration and Quarantine documentation.

RELYANT has extensive experience in filing aircraft flight plans with local Air Traffic Controllers; coordinating aircraft fueling requirements to local aviation fuel providers and sending aircraft movement messages to mission managers. RELYANT support services utilize industry best practices and innovative approaches to improve overall operations and keep operating costs in check.

RELYANT provides expert maintenance and repairs in order to keep facilities in superb working order. These services include (but are not limited to) preventative maintenance, minor and major repairs, replacement of systems and esthetics, and work to various structures. We restore property to its intended purposes by providing replacement and repair work to facilities that have been damaged for various reasons. We modernize facilities to bring them up to date and up to standard with precision and detail.

RELYANT has extensive supply chain capabilities with easy access to materials, equipment and supplies around the world. As with most of our service lines, our team has the ability and experience to add materials, equipment and install infrastructure through some of the most austere, remote and hostile environments. Our completely integrated logistics and procurement services bring additional value and exceptional costs to our clients. Through using significant purchasing power, assuring the highest quality materials are purchased at the best possible prices, buying direct from manufactures that we have relationships with, and providing exception timing in all aspects of this service line we provide our customers with peace of mind. We provide the following logistics and supply chain services:

  • Scheduled & Unscheduled Maintenance of Fleet Vehicles
  • Oversight of Pricing
  • Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Develop & Maintain Vehicle Management Information Systems
  • Develop Maintenance Management Plan
  • Vehicle Maintenance Training
  • Cost Control

RELYANT provide versatile, turnkey solutions for any agency or commercial company working with fiber optics across the United States. In our unique business model, we provide a wide variety of integrated technical services to meet your needs. Our technical services include fiber optic network design, field installation services, and sub-contracting support.
RELYANT specializes in fiber optic termination, troubleshooting, splicing, and testing services and provides these services on-site year-round throughout the world.

Integrated Facilities Management projects