Border Wall

Construction: DB, Horizontal Build, Concrete, Civil Works & Infrastructure, Site Prep & Survey, Waste Removal

Logistics & Procurement: Oversight Pricing, Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Management, Cost Control

RELYANT completed this $21M design-build project for the Rio Grande Valley Sector 10 at Cameron and Hidalgo Counties in Texas in support of the Department of Homeland Security. Work included clearing and grubbing of an enforcement zone, utility strip, and maintenance road; rough and final grading; placement of 18-, 24-, and 36-inch RCP drainage culverts with headwalls and grates including box culverts; and levee excavation and construction. Road construction work progressed at an average pace of 300 LF per day. RELYANT constructed a levee adjacent to the new proposed maintenance road, which was on top of the existing levee. The new levee retaining wall was constructed with 4,000 CY of 4,000 PSI Concrete and extended 2,090 LF with varying heights of the retaining wall of 6.75 feet, 7.5 feet and 8.75 feet. The wall’s infrastructure included 1,860 CY of 4,000 PSI concrete footings and 200 tons of reinforcing steel. Our teams simultaneously constructed both patrol and maintenance roads; removed 300 tons of debris; delivered and installed 150,000 CY of engineered fill; and delivered and installed 200,000 tons of aggregate.