C130 Design Build Hangar

Construction: MILCON, DB, Horizontal Build, Concrete, Civil Works & Infrastructure, Repair/Renovation/FSRM, Site Prep & Survey, Airfield Hangar/Construction, Repair and Renovation, Decom/Demo, Waste Removal

Facility Operations & Maintenance: Airfield Operations, FSRM

Logistics & Procurement: Oversight of Pricing, Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Chain Management, Cost Control

Training: Facility Operations & Maintenance

This contract was a Design-Build of a turn-key C-130 Hangar at a joint Nigerien and US installation to provide space for training, operations and maintenance. Work included site survey, design, demolition, fabrication, delivery, installation, construction, asphalt (no aggregate mix) and site work. RELYANT also provided Operations and Maintenance (O&M) training for the facility to ultimately improve the success rate of the Government of Niger and its military to protect Niger citizens, assets, and territories.