Curriculum Modernization and NCO Instructor and Student Training

This project developed and institutionalized a modern Noncommissioned Officer

(NCO) training curriculum enabling the Escola de Fuzileiros Navias (EFN), a Marines

School, to develop effective leaders capable of advancing Angolan maritime technical

and operational capabilities. RELYANT initially conducted an onsite assessment to

inform the development of the NCO curriculum and build trust and collegiality among

the EFN leadership and USG stakeholders. RELYANT then worked with EFN leadership to brief and update the training curriculum before implementation in the classroom. The first training iteration (for EFN NCO instructors only) included an additional week on best practices for training adult learners. To build military-to military ties, we worked closely with the Office of Security Cooperation (OSC) to coordinate with DOD “green suiters” to participate in the initial assessment, curriculum review, and training phases of the project. We remained forward deployed onsite after EFN NCO instructors were trained to mentor, support evaluation, and report on efforts for the four subsequent Angolan-led courses.