Guam MEC

MMR & Environmental Services: Waste Removal, Life Support Services, Manpower Services, UXO Clearance, Battle Area Clearance of UXO, ERW, Cluster Munitions, and MEC, Post Clearance Verification and Quality Assurance Surveillance, Stockpile Munitions Managemenet and Security, UXO, IED and Landmine Awareness Training, Construction Support, Remediation and Waste Management, UXO Clearance, Debris Removal & Disposal

First established in Guam in 2015, RELYANT’s footprint and commitment to the region has continued to grow. RELYANT has become a go to provider of MEC clearance both as a Prime Contractor in support of the US Federal Government and as a subcontractor supporting construction operations. To date, RELYANT has completed more than 40 MEC Clearance contracts on Guam utilizing our organic capacity and safe operations to provide clearance services on time and budget. RELYANT is proud of our Guam UXO Technician Training Program, through which we identify local Guam candidates to sponsor for attendance at the RELYANT-University of Tennessee UXO Technician Training Course. After completing the training course, candidates return to Guam where they are offered full-time employment opportunities in support of our MEC operations.