Hangar Construction, Africa

Construction: MILCON, DB, Horizontal Build, Concrete, Civil Works & Infrastructure, Repair/Renovation/FSRM, Site Prep & Survey, Airfield Hangar/Construction, Repair and Renovation, Decom/Demo, Waste Removal

Facility Operations & Maintenance: Airfield Operations, FSRM

Logistics & Procurement: Oversight of Pricing, Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Chain Management, Cost Control.

Training: Facility Operations & Maintenance

RELYANT completed this project as the prime contractor in support of the Kenyan Defense Force’s (KDF) efforts to use Huey II aircrafts for counterterrorism operations, including a deployable helicopter hangar at Manda Bay, Kenyan Naval Base, and schoolhouse in Isiolo, Kenya, the hangar is a clad metal sheet building and work included all electrical work; installing lighting and climate control; and construction of a small parking apron. The schoolhouse includes 3 classrooms, an open-air workshop space, 4 supply storage rooms, 4 restrooms, 6 staff offices, and one operations room. The schoolhouse has 210 solar panels on the roof and a 125 KVA backup generator. Construction included all electrical work; pouring concrete; and installing and maintaining generators, interior and exterior lighting, a lightning protection system, a public address system, and plumbing. This project was completed with zero safety issues while meeting all contracted budgets and schedules.