IDIQ, Concrete

Construction: MILCON, DBB, Horizontal Build, Civil Works & Infrastructure, Site Prep & Survey, Airfield Hangar Construction, Repair and Renovation

Facility Operations & Maintenance: Seaport Services, Airfield Operations, FSRM

Logistics & Procurement: Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Management, Cost Control

RELYANT completed more than 30 Task Orders with a total value of $5.1M in support of this IDIQ contract providing concrete, concrete related materials and concrete based construction services at Bagram Airfield. The provision of concrete and related materials included: concrete footers, t-walls, barriers, gravel, sand, aggregate, bulk concrete deliveries, delivery of bulk materials, delivery of concrete meeting PSI requirements and including air entrainment and micro-silica requirements as needed and washed rock. Concrete related construction included: construction of sidewalks, cargo pads, ramp construction, construction of response area pads, supply and connector road construction. Additionally, RELYANT fabricated, painted and installed warning markers to support safe air operations. Contributing to RELYANT’s success on this contract was our USACE Approved Mobile Concrete Batch Plant.