MEC Clearance

MMR & Environmental Services: Risk Assessment, Technical Survey, UXO Clearance, Battle Area Clearance, of UXO, ERW, Cluster Munitions and MEC, Post Clearance Verification and Quality Assurance Survellance

Logistics & Procurement: Oversight Pricing, Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Management, Cost Control.

RELYANT provided the $6.3M clearance of surface and subsurface MEC to allow for safe upgrades to the fuel pipeline from Sasa Valley Fuel Farm to Anderson Air Force Base in Guam. RELYANT excavated in a single phase via trench layers to meet full clearance of MEC to construction depth or bedrock ahead of construction. The excavated material was removed and sifted in 6-inch layers for clearance down to the 20mm target of interest. The construction footprint included the pipeline, bell holes, HDD drilling, sending and receiving pits, unforeseen utilities, and road interruptions. Despite failures by previous contractors assigned to complete the work, RELYANT completed this project 11 weeks ahead of an only 5-month schedule and was nominated for the SBA Small Business Subcontractor of the Year Award in recognition of our outstanding