Nigeria Air Base 201 Bed Down Phase 1 & 2 A-29

Construction: DBB, Horizontal Build, Concrete, Civil Works & Infrastructure, Vertical Construction, Repair/Renovation/FSRM, Site Prep Survey, Airfield Hangar Construction, Repair and Renovation, Access Control Points, Decon/Demo, Beddown Programs/Whole Base Construction, Waste Removal

Logistics & Procurement: Oversight of Pricing, Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Chain Management, Cost Control

RELYANT completed construction and repair of facilities at the Kainji Air Base in Nigeria, under the supervision of USACE, for the Europe District (NAU). The project involved providing auxiliary apron crack repair and sealing; auxiliary apron electrical grounding; construction of a A-29 simulation center, 40 custom T-Walls, two entry control points, and tie downs for twelve A-29 aircraft, life support area (LSA), and government office compound. RELYANT was awarded the Phase II project. Phase II includes construction of a new Hot Cargo pad, 4 each Earth Covered Maganizes, Flight Simulator Support Building, site civil upgrades.

Our streamlined approach ensured full schedule and management control, ensured continuity of effort across all tasks, and mitigated any risk of deficient subcontractor performance. RELYANT’s operations and constant, vigilant security posture reviews provided great value to the government and endured success. RELYANT had zero recordable or near miss incidents while completing this project.