Operations and Maintenance Services at Justice Center In Parwaan

Construction: Repair/Renovation/FSRM, Waste Removal

Facility Operations & Maintenance: Seaport Services, FSRM

Global Stability & Support: Manpower Services

Logistics & Procurement: Oversight of Pricing, Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Management, Develop Maintenance Managment Plan, Cost Control

RELYANT provided O&M services to facilities and equipment at the Justice Center in Parwaan (JCIP) at Bagram Airfield in the middle east. These services included routine servicing and maintenance of generator and HVAC equipment, as well as electrical and plumbing support to all buildings on site. RELYANT also completed minor construction jobs under this contract, such as the installation of doors, windows, etc. RELYANT provided skilled personnel who were able to complete all levels of O&M work successfully and effectively within the determined period of performance, using an extensive network of suppliers and knowledge of contract requirements.