Radio Infrastructure & DJ Services

Construction: MILCON, Concrete, Vertical Construction, Fast Track Construction, Site Prep & Survey

Global Stability & Support: Life Support Services, Information Services, Expeditionary Services

Logistics & Procurement: Oversight Pricing, Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Management, Cost Control.

RELYANT utilized a blend of professional US expatriate IT professionals and local national skilled labor to provide WAN systems integration/installation, operation, and maintenance, of over 17 communication and area information broadcasting centers throughout Kandahar, Zabul, and Uruzgan provinces. RELYANT also furnished the operation of specialized IT equipment and materials, network design engineering, special programming, connectivity, maintenance, and cable repair splicing or replacement, and organic VSAT set up, configuration and operation. These services also required minor construction, pulling cable, drops, fiber optic runs, and integration with existing network systems. RELYANT issued extensive logistical support to various locations in Kandahar, Zabul, and Uruzgan Provinces for the forward deployment of specialized equipment, materials, and personnel for task execution.