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In April of 2018, the Hawaiian Islands of Kaua’I and Oahu received record breaking rainfall because of a series of unprecedented thunderstorms which formed a mesoscale convective system – a storm much stronger and persistent than a typical thunderstorm. The mesoscale convective system lingered over Oahu for several hours, producing localized heavy rainfall of 5.55 inches and causing more than $125M of damages. Some of the most significant damage occurred along the Hahaione Stream due to the stream flooding and entering private residences, damaging road, damaging bridges, and causing instability in earthen material. RELYANT performed the $3.7M Cost-Plus Fixed Fee time critical repairs to the Hahaione Stream to correct damages and to prevent future flooding. The scope of work on this project included preconstruction surveys; demolishing, removing, disposing of concrete and wire mesh; cutting bank material; placing earthen material to grade per standard; placing rebar; and placing 8” of concrete on the channel bottom and 6 inches of concrete on the embankment slope.