Task Order, Afghanistan

Global Stability & Support: Manpower Services

MMR & Environmental Services: Technical Survey's, UXO Clearance, Battle Area Clearance of UXO, ERW, Cluster Munitions and MEC, Manual and Mechanical Landmine Clearance, Post Clearance Verification and Quality Assurance Surveillance, Disposition of Small Arms and Light Weapons. UXO, IED and Landmine Awareness Training, Humanitarian Demining, Remediation and Waste Management.

Logistics & Procurement: Oversight Pricing, Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Management, Cost Control

Training: UXO Clearance Training, C-IED Training, Battle Area Clearance of UXO, ERW, Cluster Munitions and MEC Training, Manual & Mechanical Landmine Clearance, Post Clearance Verification & Quality Assurance Surveillance Training, Peace Operations & Assistance Training, Medical Equipment Training, UXO, IED and Landmine Awareness Training

RELYANT was awarded and complete 33 out of 40 task orders under this MATOC with a combined value of $6.6M, RELYANT performed explosives remnants of war materials (ERWM) removals to support peaceful reconstruction and construction programs throughout locations in Southern and Western Afghanistan. The project involved site assessment of over 40,000,000 square meters of land in 33 locations. The land was potentially contaminated with mines, rockets and artillery projectiles, mortars, grenades, aerial bombs, and improved conventional munitions (aerial bomblets). Through our approach centered on education, communication and transparency we were able to gain the trust needed for successful project performance. Our approach to hiring and training individuals from within the communities we were working to assist in our performance of the work ensured tribal conflicts were avoided and our goodwill was demonstrated. RELYANT further developed our trust and support from the local community by the introduction of humanitarian services while in each region, offering and supplying medical treatment to the local communities. The reduction in risk profile and the borrowing of legitimacy from the NGO community was paramount in our contract success, ultimately resulting in zero non-compliance, and finishing all work on time, or ahead of schedule, within budget, and with zero accidents or change orders. RELYANT earned “Excellent” Performance Ratings for this project.