Train and Equip Training

Global Stability & Support: Information Services.

Logistics & Procurement: Oversight of Pricing, Ordering, Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Mangment, Cost Control

Training: Portable VSAT Installation & Operations/K Band Satallite, Radio Systems Train and Equip, Peace Operations & Assistance, Humanitarian Peace Support, DOS - Civil Military Operations, DOS-Train & Equip

Under the Africa Peacekeeping Program, RELYANT provided operators training, maintenance training and train-the-trainer services to a public institution. Through this $2.3M contract, RELYANT successfully emplaced a national high frequency (HF) radio network enabling the TAWA headquarters to establish voice and data communication with 22 fixed locations, 14 outposts, 21 vehicle and dismounted patrol locations using the 977 Tracking System. To ensure the long-term sustainability of this effort, the RELYANT team trained 36 operators and maintenance trainers. Work took place in Moyowosi / Kigosi and Mkungunero Game Reserves and 26 other TAWA locations, and leveraged a proven training model, rugged Barrett HF radios, and an experienced program and leadership team.