Vehicle Maintenance Afghanistan

Logistics & Procurement: Scheduled & Unscheduled Maintenance of Fleet Vehicles, Oversight of Pricing, Ordering & Delivering of Supplies & Equipment, Supply Chain Managment, Develop & Maintain Vehicle Management Information Systems, Develop Maintenance Management Plan, Vehicle Maintenance Training, Cost Control

Training: Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

RELYANT provided preventative maintenance and repair as well as unscheduled maintenance and repair to material handling equipment (MHE) for the to support the requirements of their mission to support the warfighter at various locations throughout Afghanistan. Maintenance was conducted in an austere environment and the repairs and preventative maintenance services were completed in accordance with all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) manuals. RELYANT controlled all administrative reports and record-keeping for this contract, including cost analysis and logistical maneuvering to supply all necessary parts and equipment for maintenance and repairs of vehicles on site. RELYANT provided all security and support facilities for this contract, including the vehicle maintenance facilities, LSA, and antiterrorism compliance for the security and safety of all personnel, materials, and equipment working under this contract.